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Language: Active Server Pages (ASP)
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 21, 1998



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ASP error '0115'


I have MDAC 1.5 on my Windows 95 box running PWS 4.0. I get ASP '0115' when trying to run any of the ASP scripts, even the samples downloaded from Microsoft. I read on a newsgroup about installing MDAC 2.0 to solve this, but is that a real solution? What if my deployment machine has MDAC 2.0 but the server that will hold my site has the 1.5 edition?

Thanks a bunch.


The trouble with MDAC 1.5 is that there are four versions. One of the versions really causes problems with ASP and VB5. (For more on this problem, see my previous answer in the Errors category.)

If you can't get 1.5 to work, go to 2.0. I wouldn't worry too much about using different versions on your development and production machines. As long as you stick to the 1.5 features, you should be okay. Besides, taking the chance sure beats living with that ASP 0115 error.

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