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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 5, 1998



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Microhelp and the Status Bar

I've heard that the MDI Frame status bar can be subdivided so that multiple messages can be sent there. The only two methods of manipulating the status bar that I have found is, of course, the SetMicroHelp() function in PB and the Status Bar Service function of_SetStatusBar() available in the PFC. Since our shop is not using the PFC, is there a workaround to use the right portion of the bar for developer specific text?

Basically you need to code it yourself. Create a small window about the size of the status bar, and in the resize and move event of the MDI Frame, reposition the window so that it hovers over the MDI status bar. Then you can subdivide it however you want.

You can use an ActiveX control called the Microsoft Status Bar control, if all of your users are using Windows 95 or NT.

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