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Language: C++
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 17, 1998



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Error, stack overflow

I work in Borland C++. My program compiles very well, but it exits it with the "stack overflow" error even before executing the first command.

It won't be possible to troubleshoot this without knowing more about your program, but I can give you some general guidelines.

Whenever you call a function, the current location is saved on the stack so that when the function returns, the processor knows where to return. A stack overflow indicates that there is not enough stack memory for your program.

This could be because your program calls too many functions before returning (very unlikely). It could also be because you have a function that calls itself endlessly (much more likely). In addition, variables declared within a function reside on the stack. Is it possible that you are declaring large arrays or other memory-consuming data on the stack?

Finally, if you've ruled all that out, make sure you have plenty of stack space and look into allocating more. Borland has an option to increase the amount of memory provided for the stack.

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