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Language: SQL Server
Expertise: Beginner
Sep 18, 1998

SQLServer Y2K Testing

I have been asked as a SQLServer DBA to certify SQLServer 6.5 as Y2K compliant, apart from any statements from Microsoft. I am aware that Microsoft indicates that all known Y2K SQLServer problems will be fixed by service pack 5. Can you suggest a testing strategy that I might use to provide reasonable assurance that SQLServer 6.5, service pack 5, is Y2K compliant?

My suggestion would be to treat SQL Server no differently than any other software as far as Y2K. In general, Y2K testing focuses on running the software being tested in an environment that simulates critical dates, such as December 31, 1999; Jan 1, 2000; and Feb 29, 2000. I would use a database application that uses date fields and date arithmetic.

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