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Language: SQL Server
Expertise: Beginner
Sep 18, 1998

Displaying the Row Number in a SELECT Query

How can I display the row number in the results of a SELECT query? For example:
Select empname 
from employees 
where city = "toronto"
I would like to show the row number as follows:
  1 Fred
  2 Bill
  3 Jeff
  4 June

You are probably better off handling such formatting issues in your front-end. In T-SQL, you would first have to build a table that mimics what your result set looks like with the addition of an identity column:

create table #result
   id int identity(1,1),
   empname char(20)
Then insert your result set into the temporary table. Lastly, select out of the temporary result set.

I think you can see why a front-end should be able to handle this more easily.

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