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Feb 9, 1999



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Adding Two Submit Buttons to an HTML Form

Can I use two submit buttons in the same form, but refer to two different scripts?

Yes, it is possible to add two submit buttons to an HTML form. To detect which button was clicked, give each button the same name. Give the Action property of the form to a single ASP form. You can detect which button the user selected by checking the value property of the submit button. Because the button names are the same, you can always check the same name. The value property is the caption on the face of the button. Your code can decide what to do next based on the value property. From within that ASP form, your code can execute one chunk of code or another, determined by the value. You can also Redirect users to other pages based on the button that was clicked. Try this code by copying it to an ASP page and running it. Note the action property of the HTML form. Save your ASP page to that name.

<%@ Language=VBScript %>

strWhichSubmit = Request.Form("submit1")






strWhichSubmit = Request.Form("submit1")
Select Case strWhichSubmit
	Case "Red"
		Response.Write "You clicked Red"
		'Response.Redirect "RedPage.asp"
	Case "Blue"
		Response.Write "You clicked Blue"
		'Response.Redirect "BluePage.asp"
End Select

Choose Red or Blue

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