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Language: Web Development
Expertise: Beginner
Feb 9, 1999



Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Building a Web Site With Database Design

I am designing a Web site for a conference. Over 2000 attendees are going to use the Web site for registering online, as well as for other interactive tasks, with queries to the database for information. What tool should I use to design the site so it will have these capabilities? I have worked at a Web design company, but I didn't do anything dealing with databases and the Web.

Without a doubt, your primary tool should be Microsoft Visual InterDev. Visual InterDev provides you with a single development environment for working with multiple Web development technologies plus database access. For example, you can use Active Server Pages (ASP) to implement programming logic, use the Design view to graphically design the pages, use the Data Environment to manage your back-end database, and use design-time controls to bring data to your pages with no coding on your part.

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