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Language: COM/DCOM/COM+
Expertise: Beginner
Jun 15, 1999



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OLE Commands for Powerbuilder to Word/Excel

I was wondering if there is a list available somewhere of all the commands with their syntax for OLE? I want to manipulate Word and Excel from inside Powerbuilder without using the standard plug-ins.

There are two places to look for the commands and their syntax. The first place is the Browser window in PowerBuilder. Click on the OLE tab and search for the OLE object you want to manipulate and all the commands and properties will be there.

While that works fine for simple controls, Word and Excel are a different kettle of fish. The best way to automate these tools is to use the macro recorder facility.

Fire up Word and switch on the macro recorder, then do the step you want to automate. Switch off the recorder and take a look at the macro that was recorded. This will give you all the commands you need to perform the taks.

Then its just a simple matter of converting them over to PowerBuilder, which after a few times is relatively simple.

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