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Language: DHTML
Expertise: Beginner
Jun 22, 1999



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Shockwave Flash and DHTML

How can I make a Shockwave Flash movie run over or under a DHTML DIV tag with text inside? I tried to use z-index but it doesn't work well with Flash.

With the Flash program (or any Macromedia program, for that matter), there is usually a program that is in the same folder called AfterShock. This program is useful for preparing the HTML page that will support the Shockwave application. Run it, and load a Shockwave SWF file that you wish to use. Then, click on the Shockwave tab in the right-hand pane of the application. In the drop-down for Window Mode, you can make the movie opaque or transparent to the rest of the Web page by changing the option from "Window" to "Opaque Windowless" or "Transparent Windowless". These settings will make the application run in the same layer space as the rest of the browser (i.e., you can use z-index) so that the movie runs beneath other HTML elements. Note that this technique is more expensive in terms of resources than working in Window mode, so expect some performance degradation.

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