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Language: Visual FoxPro
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 8, 1999



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Minimum Required Run-Times Files

What are the minimum required run-time files for a Visual FoxPro 5 application setup?


The easiest way to find the minimum required run-time files is to do this:

1. Create a project

2. Create one prg called main, and store the following in it:

*-- Main.PRG
*-- Do nothing.

3. Add main.prg to the project

4. Build an EXE

5. Run the Distribution Wizard.

This code will create a set of diskettes that will install the run-time files and DLLs and register them (in the right places - this differs under NT/95/98).

I also don't want to provide you with a list because these things can change from service pack to service pack.

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