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Language: SQL Server
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 8, 1999



Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Converting Disorganized, Linked Databases to SQL

I have a client that has a massively disorganized set of linked databases in Elustra on a UNIX server. They want to take everything, convert it to SQL, and then import it into Oracle 7.

Does this sound like a good SQL application?

To be honest, we're way off from being able to answer your question. It sounds like there needs to be some work done to define what is needed before attempting anything on the scale to which you allude.

Why do we do what we do? Who uses what data? How often? How current must it be? After the data moves, what happens to the applications that use the data? And on and on and ooooon (systems are never done anyway :).

Strategically, I'd say you need to shop for a method first, then stick to it. Tactically, you have more than enough free tools in Visual Studio to "jump to implementation," but trouble is down that road.

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