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Language: JavaScript
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 9, 1999



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Checking Net Speed

Is there a script that can gauge site visitors' net connection speed and route them to the proper link? In particular, I'd like to "auto link" my real video files so that my substantial number of ISDN/WAN visitors will be re-routed to the best quality high speed RealVideo Clips, while the phone world will be routed to the 28.8 version.

Actually, this problem is tough in general. Not only is this information not available from JavaScript, it isn't really available in general. This is largely due to the way the Internet works. Although it could theoretically be possible figure out the speed at which a user is connected, the actual throughput from a server to a user depends on a large number of variables and can change second to second. My recommendation is provide both links to the user and have them choose.

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