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Language: Relational Databases
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 12, 1999



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Paradox Lock Files

I have a Delphi 3 application running on a Novell network, that uses Paradox tables. For some reason, some of the users get the following message every once in a while:
File or directory not found:
Nothing I do seems to make a difference. I have made sure that every user has the same BDE version (5.0), and I have removed all the old IDAPI files and references. I have set the NET DIR parameter to a directory other than where the tables are, and made sure all users point to the same net directory. I have also moved the executable into a different directory. What is going on?

I hate to be rhetorical, but have you considered the following:

* Are all users mapped alike? It could be that some don't have J: mapped to the right volume on your network.

* Do all users have access to the net directory?

Just because people can see directories doesn't necessarily mean that they have access to them. Check permissions and make sure all users have read, write, and delete privileges to the directory.

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