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Language: Visual FoxPro
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 12, 1999



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Troubleshooting Setup.exe errors


I am trying to create a setup.exe for VFP 5.0, using the setup wizard. After I installed the application using the setup.exe and ran the program, I got error 1984 in one of my tables. All the other tables in the database work well.

To create the setup.exe I had to place all the necessary files into a distribution directory. When I run app.exe from this directory I don't get any errors, and the tables and DB are fine. This leads me to conclude that something is corrupting my table during the setup wizard or during the installation of my application from the setup.exe program. The first couple times I created the setup.exe I didn't have these problems, since then I haven't changed the DB or the tables, just the foxpro code.


1. You may want to use the DOS file compare program FC to compare the files in the distribution directory to the files in the installed. This will give you an idea whether the DBC and/or the table and/or the index is corrupt.

2. In case the compression utility has screwed up, you may want to change the timestamp on the affected file(s) in the distribution directory that get screwed up after install. Then run the setup wizard again: the wizard will realize that the file(s) have changed and will re-compress them.

3. If 1 and 2 do not work, you may want to run the setup wizard from scratch.

4. One more idea: if you are running a post-setup EXE, this might be affecting the files.

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