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Language: Optimization
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Jul 12, 1999



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Speed Up Run Time

My executable takes almost a minute to run. How can I speed up the process? I am not running any queries at this point—I wait until I actually show the forms. All I do on start up is create my forms (approximately 10) and quick reports (approximately 10). Is there a more efficient way of loading my forms and reports? I tried to create them as I used them but ran into a lot of access violations.

It's the auto-create that's killing you. You see, when you're loading up a bunch of forms at run time, it takes awhile to get them loaded, especially if you're doing stuff in their constructors. My advice is to load them up as you need them—I know, the same thing that was causing access violations. If you're getting access violations then most likely you're trying to access resources that aren't available. Check to see if your forms are attempting to create or access resources illegally. When you find those areas, remove the calls and place them in another area where you have more control over them.

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