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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 23, 1999



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Building SQL Strings Dynamically

What is the correct format to create a SQL string using embedded variables? I keep getting a message that says I have an "incomplete query clause". I am trying to create a function that will pull data out of a text box and use it to build a where clause in a SQL string.

The problem you are probably having is that the text in the text box may have a single quote in it. If so, you have to replace the single quote with two single quotes. You can use the new Replace function (VB 6) to do this, or you can write your own function. Just look at the text box's text and replace any single quotes with two single quotes, and then concatenate it with the rest of the SQL statement. Other than that, building a SQL statement is just like building any other string.

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