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Language: NT
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Aug 3, 1999



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Error Message When Creating a New ActiveX Class

I'm running Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3) and have developed an ActiveX Server (EXE) using Visual Basic 6 (Service Pack 3). How come whenever I try to create a new instance of a class within this EXE file, I get this error message: "Permission Denied, ActiveX component can't create object"?

When I check the event log, I see:

Can't start DCOM-server: 
"Permission Denied. "
Happened at startup of the following command: myserver.exe -Embedding 
When I run my EXE and try to create an instance of a class it works just fine. Also, when I set it up to be created remote it works just fine. But as soon as I set it up to run locally I get these error messages.

I have played with DCOMCNFG.EXE and tried many of the combinations, but with no results. I recently used Windows 98 and had no such problems. My guess is that it has something to do with security, or lack of permissions.

There are a couple of reasons why you could be getting the error. You could actually lack permissions to write the EXE (it's unlikely, but you can check quickly by right-clicking on the file in NT Explorer, selecting the Properties menu item, and then the Security tab).

You could also be getting the error because the EXE is read-only. This can happen when Visual SourceSafe gets confused. Again, you can quickly check it via the same method above, only look for the Read-Only checkbox on the General tab.

The most likely reason why you get the error is that you have a copy of the EXE running, and Windows NT (correctly) won't allow you to overwrite a running program. (Windows 95/98, on the other hand, lets you shoot yourself in the foot with great gusto.)

To check this possibility, simply start Task Manger (right-click on a blank area of the task bar and pick Task Manager, or hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and select Task Manager there). Look through the list of tasks and close the running copy of your ActiveX EXE.

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