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Language: Active Server Pages (ASP)
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 10, 1999



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Get Milliseconds From Time in ASP?

Can I get milliseconds from time in ASP? For example, 12:30:00.234 HH:MM:SS.fff.


No, not without using a custom COM component that will return the milliseconds. But then, by the time you call the COM component, the milliseconds would have changed anyway.

Reader Henry M. Bass provides a tip that relates to this question: "I recently found a function that was not documented in MSDN for InterDev 6: timer() which returns the number of seconds since midnight, to 6 decimal places. We're using it all the time to measure response times in our ASP pages."

Thank you Henry. Although it will not allow you to extract the milliseconds from the current TIME, you can still use the Timer function by itself to get some additional 'seconds' information. From within an ASP page, I found that the Timer() function only gives you seconds since midnight, up to 2 decimal places. All other decimal places are always 0. So you might get an answer of timer() = 53,458.92. Although it is not strictly milliseconds, maybe the 0.92 can help in your code.

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