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Language: ADO
Expertise: Beginner
Sep 28, 1999



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Accessing A Password Protected
Database with Data Controls

In a VB application, I have multiple forms with data controls on each form which connect to a password protected Access database. Every form pops up a message stating an invalid password. How do I connect to the database with the Data Controls specifying the password?

I will assume you are using the Microsoft ADO Data Control
and the Microsoft Jet OLEDB 4.0 provider. There are several
provider-specific properties that can be passed in the connection string of the Data Control. The one you will need is: Jet OLEDB:Database Password.

If you add this to your connection string and set it equal to the
database password, you should have no problem accessing the database. Here is an example of the connection string:

Adodc1.ConnectionString = _
User ID=admin;Data Source=D:\nwind.mdb;
Jet OLEDB:Database Password=YourPassword"
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