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Language: Active Server Pages (ASP)
Expertise: Beginner
Sep 29, 1999



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Display a 'Loading...' Message in ASP

How can I show a 'Loading...' message till my ASP page loads?


Use the following code to create a "pgLoading.asp" page. Pass to it as a parameter the name of the page that is actually going to do the processing. So if pageA needs to call pageB where pageB does the processing, let pageA call pgLoading.asp passing the name of pageB as its argument. (pgLoading.asp?pagename=pageB)

  Dim strPage
  ' -- get page name from QueryString
  strPage = Request("pagename")
  if strPage = "" then 
     response.write "Error in calling this page. No page name specified"
  end if




Loading...Please Wait



Loading...Processing Data....Please Wait

The pgLoading.asp page simply outputs a small piece of HTML that says 'Loading...'. In the OnLoad event of the page, you call the real page that is doing the processing. Until PageB finishes processing and starts sending data back to the browser, the user will be staring at a page that says 'Loading...Please wait'. You can modify the HTML to even put a animated GIF or something to catch the user's attention and think that the page is processing.

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