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Language: Microsoft Exchange
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Oct 5, 1999



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Making the Permissions Tab Appear

I am trying to set up delegate rights on different clients in a domain. However, when I try to pull up the Properties tab on folders on some of the machines, the Permissions tab doesn't appear. On some machines it is there. I have reinstalled Outlook logged on to a client as domain administrator, local administrator, and user and still there's no Properties tab.

How can I get permissions to see the Permissions tab?

One possibility is that those clients are using personal folders (.PST files) instead of Exchange Mailboxes for their default delivery locations. If that's the case you can remedy it by resetting them back to Exchange Mailboxes on the Tools > Services Delivery tab.

I'm guessing, however, that this is not the situation here. More likely those machines don't have the EMSUIX.ECF add-in installed and/or activated.

On the machines in question, go to the Tools > Options > General > Add-in Manager. If you see the Exchange Extensions add-in listed but unchecked, check it to turn it on. Click OK to back your way out of Tools > Options. You should now have the Permissions tab available—as well as one or two others, most likely.

If you don't see the Exchange Extensions add-in listed, click the Install button on the Add-In manager dialog box, find EMSUIX.ECF in the list, and install it. Activate it as I described in the previous paragraph and click OK to back out of Tools > Options.

You should now see the Permissions tab.

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