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Language: Microsoft Exchange
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 8, 1999



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Leaving Messages on the Server

I have upgraded from Outlook Express to Outlook 98. Previously I was able to leave messages to a particular e-mail recipient on the server. With Outlook 98 I no longer have that option in the rules.

How do I leave a message on the server with Outlook 98?

Leave messages to a recipient? If you're wondering whether you can leave all of the messages from a particular account on the server, the answer is yes. Just set the Internet Mail Service properties for that account (Go to Tools > Services) to leave mail on server. That's on the Advanced tab.

If you want to just leave messages from a certain person on the server, then the answer is no. In Outlook (not to be confused with Outlook Express, which is a totally separate product) you don't have the option to download messages only from certain people—it's an all or nothing proposition.

NOTE: I'm talking about using the Internet Mail Service here. If you're using Remote Mail to retrieve messages from an Exchange Server you do have some filtering capability.

As with downloading all of the messages to a certain account, you can go into Tools > Services and the properties for your Internet Mail Service. On the Advanced tab you should find a checkbox for "Leave copy of messages on Server". Of course it's going to leave all of the messages on the server, but that's just the way that feature works in Outlook.

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