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Oct 8, 1999



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Training Management Companies

I am with a large Fortune 500 company looking for a training management solution to produce CBT courses, organize, and report on skill-based courses and instructor-led courses on our intranet, which should all be linked together for tracking skills, competency, and training requirements.

We have narrowed it down to three companies: Asymetrix (Instructor Toolbook, Librarian, Ingenium); ITC, and Saaba (spelling?). I am only familiar with the first. Others in my company have chosen the second two. Do you have or know of a comparison between the above or a study on this topic?

Sorry, but I cannot help you on the product comparison because I do not know anything about them.

However, regarding the CBT courses, I think this is probably the most difficult requirement to specify, much less shop and find. The balance of your request sounds like an ideal candidate for an Active Folder application in Exchange (what, no database?), where you could, say, make some certification grade the end of a training phase and use the workflow features in Exchange to place each applicant or candidate appropriately on their own timeline to certification.

I think you could devise your own solution to the tracking and monitoring phase of your project, but may need to buy the course authoring component (but I can't tell you which one).

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