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Language: DHTML
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 20, 1999



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Nested Quotes and JavaScript


I am trying to use document.writeln to write a table onto a floating menu bar. Part of the table cell's events is Java code. When it reaches the semicolons in the code for the table, it thinks it is the end of the line. How can I pass semicolons in document.writeln so JavaScript knows it's not at the end?

document.writeln ('


The semicolons aren't the object that's causing you trouble if I'm reading your code correctly—you're mixing single and double quotes in a nested fashion. This is okay, but you're enclosing single quotes in double quotes and then, again, in single quotes. The inner single quotes are being treated as the end of the string.

Instead of this code:

String = ' outer = " inner ' really inner' " ';


String = ' outer = " inner \' really inner\' " ';

The JavaScript engine knows to treat the quote following the backslash as a literal value rather than to interpret it as the end of the string.

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