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Language: SQL Server
Expertise: Beginner
Nov 3, 1999



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Default Date Format

I have an issue with date formats. I have a VB client piece of software that generates a select based on a particular date. However it only works on a number of clients erroring out with "ASSERTION 2001, cannot retrieve record set." I believe this is related to the format of the date.

For example, on my machine 10/22/99 (22 October 1999) is fine, while on others it errors out. If I change the format on their machines to 22/10/1999, then theirs works and mine doesn't.

Is there a default date format in SQL Server, or is it user-specific?

I suspect Control Panel Regional Settings Date may be the culprit.

Check the setup of the date formats on the different clients and see if changing that doesn't at least make the behavior consistent between clients.

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