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Language: Visual FoxPro
Expertise: Beginner
Nov 9, 1999



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Copying/Renaming Files

How do I use a memory variable as a filename when copying and renaming a file?

For sake of example, let's say that you have a character variable called lcSourceFileName that contains the name of the file to copy, and a character variable called lcTargetFileName that contains the name of the file to copy to.

Either of the following two pieces of code will work:

lcSourceFile = "D:\ABC.TXT"
lcTargetFile  = "D:\XYZ.TXT"
COPY FILE &lcSourceFileName TO &lcTargetFileName

lcSourceFile = "D:\ABC.TXT"
lcTargetFile  = "D:\XYZ.TXT"
COPY FILE (lcSourceFileName) TO (lcTargetFileName)
I prefer the second example because it is easier to extend than first; any FoxPro expression can get put between the parentheses:
lcSourcePath = "D:\"
lcSourceFile = "ABC.TXT"
lcTargetFile  = "D:\"
lcTargetFile  = "XYZ.TXT"
COPY FILE (lcSourcePath+lcSourceFileName) TO (lcTargetPath+lcTargetFileName)
If you had two functions, GetSourcePath() and GetTargetPath(), you could execute the following:
COPY FILE (GetSourcePath()+lcSourceFileName) TO (GetTargetPath()+lcTargetFileName)
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