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Language: C++
Expertise: Beginner
Dec 1, 1999



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Array of Objects

I have two questions. How do I pass an array of objects as an argument? How do I fix an error like "do or while loops are not expanded inline"?

To answer your first question: you can either pass a vector of objects by reference, or a pointer to the array:

void func( vector < Foo >& vf);
int func2()
  vector < Foo > vf;
  func(vf);//pass vector of Foo's
Passing an array is even simpler:
void func( Foo* farr);
int func2()
 Foo f[10];
 func(f);//pass array of Foo's
As for your second question: your compiler tries to convince you to get rid of the inline specifier. Most compilers refuse to inline complex functions (e.g., functions with loops and do-while blocks). If your function is defined inside the class body, move its definition outside and remove the inline specifier. Your code cannot be inlined anyway.
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