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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Dec 8, 1999



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After I compile my DLL in VB and run the component through IIS, I cannot recompile the DLL and I get a file locking error. I am using VB6 and NT 4.

Once the DLL has been used by IIS, you have to reboot the Web services in order to recompile the DLL with any changes. This gets really tedious, especially if you have to do it through the Control Panel. Instead of doing it that way, you can write a script to stop and restart the relevant services. Somewhere in the system path (I like the System32 directory, personally), create a batch file containing these lines:

@echo off
net stop iisadmin /y
net start iisadmin
net start w3svc
net start "FTP Publishing Service"
This stops the IIS Admin service, which also stops all related services (Web, FTP, etc.). It then restarts the IIS Admin service and the Web service. I prefer to restart the FTP service, as well, so you might want to add that in. Running this batch file can be done from a menu choice or from the Run prompt, and is much faster than having to use the Services applet.
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