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Language: Microsoft Exchange
Expertise: Beginner
Dec 13, 1999



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Exchange Client Setup for Sensitive E-mails

Can you explain if the Exchange client can be set up as follows: User A has shared the Inbox for Secretary A. User A receives a message from another user that is to be seen only by User A. By default Secretary A can read this too. What is the best way to keep Secretary A from reading User A's mail? Can Advance Security be set up for a "Prompt on open password"?

Unfortunately, if you have the Inbox really shared, then all people with permissions to that Inbox can see the e-mail that arrives.

If you simply have the secretary set up as a delegate of that mailbox, however, then you have some options. So if the secretary is running the Outlook client, any messages sent to User A with the "Private" sensitivity set will not be seen by the secretary. You mention the "Exchange client," however, and if you're really using the Exchange client software (not Outlook) then the sensitivity settings aren't going to help you.

If the secretary doesn't need to read the e-mail, then you should revise your security settings. Our secretaries here have access to the Calendars and, sometimes, Contacts folders of their bosses, but never the Inbox.

To prevent the secretary from seeing sensitive e-mail in the Inbox, consider either revising your security settings for the mailbox or moving her to the Outlook client (if she isn't already there) and instructing other users to send you private e-mail marked as private.

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