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Language: Visual FoxPro
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Dec 23, 1999



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Prompting After Setup.exe Runs

Is there a way to prompt an end user to restart his machine after running the setup program to install my software? (I am developing in VFP 3.0 under Windows 98.)

If you are using the Setup wizard (which ships with VFP) to make distribution media (disks, network installs, etc.), there is an option in Step 4 of the wizard called "post-setup executable." If you select a post-setup executable, it will automatically be run after everything has been installed. The executable can be a VFP executable, since your setup program has just installed all of the VFP runtime files. You must also make sure that the post-setup executable is in the list of files that will be distributed.

Here are the steps to create a post-setup executable that displays a message box reminding the installer to reboot the machine:

  1. Create a project that will be used to compile the post-setup executable. For sake of example let's call the project "post". To create the project, enter the following command from the command window:


  2. Create a program called main.prg with the following contents:

    _SCREEN.Caption = "Setup"
    MESSAGEBOX("Installation is now complete. Please reboot this machine to complete the installation")

  3. Add main.prg to the project and build an executable called post.exe.
  4. When running the Setup wizard, make sure to put "post.exe" into the textbox labeled "post-setup executable" in Step 4 of the wizard.
You may also want to take a look at a Windows API function called ExitWindows, which can be used to force a reboot.

If you are using InstallShield to install your program, I believe that there is something similar to VFP's post-setup executable.

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