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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Jan 11, 2000



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VB Inheritance

I would like some help with implementing inheritance in VB6.

VB, as of the current version doesn't really support inheritance, all you can do is have one class assume the same interface as another class. This is done using the Implements keyword.

In short here's how it works:
Add method and property declarations to a class, we'll call it the abstract class because it doesn't have implementation code in the procedures. In another class module, which will call the concrete class, write in the Declarations sections Implements followed by the name of the abstract class.

The procedure declarations of the abstract class will be added to the concrete class as Private. In order for a client to call the methods of the concrete class the client has to declare a variable of the abstract class' type and set it to an instance of the concrete class.

This allows you to bind a client to an interface and switch the object that actually implements the interface.

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