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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Feb 3, 2000



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Referencing Controls on a Form with a Variable

How do I use a variable to reference a control on a form? For instance, if I have five controls on a form named Edit1 through Edit5, and I make a for loop the builds the string "Edit1", how do I use that string to refernce the actual control and use the control's methods?

If you're using VB6, you can use the CallByName function to invoke methods or retrieve properties from objects that you reference through a variable.

If you're not using VB6, you'll have to do a Select/Case statement that looks at the string and uses the appropriate variable. If all the controls are the same type, you can Set the control into a variable of type Control or type TextBox, for instance. That will give you access to the properties/methods and the Intellisense drop-downs will also work. However, you will still have to look at the name of the string to figure out which control to set to the object variable.

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