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Language: C++
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 24, 2000



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Macros with Variable Number of Arguments

Is there anyway to have a variable number of arguments passed to a macro? Yes, I know it can be done with inline, but this is for debugging purposes.

Yes and no. Standard C and C++ don't support variable number of arguments in a function-like macro. However, the newly approved C99 standard of the C programming language does support function-like macros with a variable number of arguments using the ellipsis (...) notation. The variable arguments (including the separating commas) are "collapsed" into a single extra argument that can be referenced as __VA_ARGS__ within the macro's replacement list.

If you're using a C99 compliant C compiler, you can use this feature. In C++, though, you should use superior techniques such as default parameters, templates, and function objects instead of macros.

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