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Language: C++
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 31, 2000



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Goto Statements

Does C++ have a goto statement? If yes, how does it work (what is the syntax)? If no, is there an equivilant and what is the syntax?

Yes, both C and C++ have the goto keyword. The syntax is simple: you need to put a label after the keyword goto to perform a jump. A label is a user-defined name followed by a colon, which indicates a code section. For example:

int main()
 int x=0;
 my_label: // a label
 if (x < 3)
   goto my_label;
As you probably know, goto is almost never needed in structured programming languages such as C and C++. For-loops, while-statements and function calls are used instead. However, goto can be useful in machine-generated code and in real-time applications. This is why it still exists in both languages.
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