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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 3, 2000



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Removing Characters from Strings

I need to delete certain characters from a string, particularly a money field in the format 99,999,999.99.

Is there an easy way to delete the commas and period from the string so that the remaining string is just 9999999999?

Use the following function called ReplaceChar( string ref as_String, string as_From, string as_To ) with the following code:

Integer li_Pos, li_Width, li_Len, li_LenP1

li_Len = Len( as_From )
li_LenP1 = li_Len + 1
li_Width = Len( as_From ) - 1
li_Pos = Pos( as_String, as_From )
DO WHILE li_Pos > 0
   as_String = Left( as_String, li_Pos -1 ) &
      + as_To + Right( as_String, &
      Len( as_String ) - li_Pos - li_Width )
   li_Pos = Pos( as_String, as_From, &
      li_Pos + li_LenP1 )
In your code call this function, passing in the string containing the comma value ( , ) and double-quote ( " ); then call it for each character you want to remove. If you have a class library, you may find that such a function already exists.
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