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Tip of the Day
Language: User Interface Design
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 7, 2000


How do I access the contents of a JPasswordField to see if it matches with the correct password?

Before using a class, it helps to examine all of the documentation for its superclasses because certain pieces of functionality may be provided in inherited methods, rather than ones defined only in the subclass. JPasswordField is a little bit odd in this respect. It is derived from JTextField, which is in turn derived from JTextComponent.

JTextComponent defines the getText() method, which you would normally use to retrieve the content of a text component as a Java String. In the original version of the Swing classes, getText() was the proper way of retrieving the password contained in a JPasswordField. But it was realized that this presented a potential security problem. Strings are immutable, making it impossible to quickly erase the password from memory immediately after use.

Therefore, the getText() method has been deprecated in JPasswordField and replaced with getPassword(), which returns the password as a character array. Immediately after manipulating the password, you should clear the elements of the character array to ensure it does not linger unencrypted in memory.

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