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Language: NT
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 17, 2000



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Folder Removal

How do you delete folders like Front Page, Outlook Express and the like?

Well, from the command line you have several options. You can use DelTree to remove that directory and any subdirectories and files in those subdirectories. It is a relatively dangerous command, so use it cautiously. You can get the complete command line option by typing DELTREE /? at the command line.

For an already empty directory, you can use the RD (remove directory) command, but it will fail if there are any files or subdirectories in that directory.

Using the API, you can use DeleteFile and RemoveDirectory, but the directory must be empty before it is deleted. So you must recursively remove all files and subdirectories (and their files) before using RemoveDirectory.

From VB, you can use the Kill command to remove files and the RmDir command to remove directories, but the same restrictions apply as for the API. The directory must be empty, so you must recursively remove all files and subdirectories first.

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