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Language: Java Language
Expertise: Beginner
Jun 6, 2000



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Java Directory Guidelines

Are there any guidelines for what the directory structure of a Java-based project should be?

The only real guidelines govern the layout of your source code. Your directories should mirror the names of your packages. For example, the source code for the classes in package com.mydomain.mypackage should be placed in com/mydomain/mypackage.

A practice that was common at one time was to eliminate com/mydomain and just make symbolic links to the current directory (e.g., ln -s . com; ln -s . mydomain). However, this only worked on Unix systems and made it inconvenient to distribute source code for use on other platforms. Therefore the practice is discouraged.

Other directory layout issues depend on your specific build environment (e.g., whether you use a Makefile or an IDE-specific project file).

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