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Language: User Interface Design
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 11, 2000



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Scroll() Function

In the current Web project I have been working on, I have some links on my page which execute a JavaScript function. With this JavaScript function, I open up a pop-up window, using "var newWin = window.open()." Within this pop-up window, I need to scroll down to a specific point in the Web page once the page is loaded. The scroll() function seems to work with Netscape, but I get the error "Access is Denied" when I try this in IE 5. Is there any way to successfully do this with a pop-up window in both browsers? (Note: the page I am spawning is not my own, it is a large corp. Web site.)

Unfortunately, IE won't let you scroll someone else's Web page, as it thinks that this is a security violation.

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