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Language: Informix
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 14, 2000



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Using Mapinfo with Informix

I want to use Mapinfo with an Informix database, but I can't connect the database server from Mapinfo. The Informix dynamic server version is 5.0. My network protocol is tcp/ip, and the database server is working on a "sco" platform. Mapinfo is working on Windows98. What can I do about this problem?

First you need to set up the Informix connectivity package, Informix-CLI, which provides the ODBC services on the client computer (the one with Mapinfo running). Check with the 10-minute solution on the subject here in devx.com for an explanation of the process.

After you get the ODBC configured, you'll need to configure the Mapinfo software to recognize the data source. You'll need to refer to your Mapinfo documentation for that info.

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