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Language: Microsoft Exchange
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Sep 11, 2000



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Backing Up a Macintosh PST File on a PC

I have a lone Macintosh user among an office of Windows users. This user has Outlook 8.2 running, with all mailboxes stored on the server. Understandably this is quite large and I want to back some up onto CD-ROM so that the user may access them locally.

I have had difficulties in backing up Macintosh PST files. I have moved the files off the server into a local personal folder. This folder is then copied across the network to a Windows PC with CD burner. The file created shows up when I open it as a personal folder item; however, it says that the properties must first be set. The folder is unopenable. If you have any suggestions they would be appreciated.

One thing I can tell you is that you won't be able to access .PST files burned onto CDs—either PC or Mac files. Outlook insists upon having read/write access to the files.

You'll have to copy them back onto a read/writable storage (network or local drive) before you can open them.

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