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Oct 3, 2000



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Informix's Future

What is the future of Informix with Oracle and others seeming to pull so far ahead?

Granted, I am a dyed-in-the-wool Informix bigot, but here's my take. Disclosure: I'm buying as much Informix stock as I can afford while the price is low. It's a crapshoot though. I have nights where I wonder whether I'm throwing money down the toilet and other nights where I'm planning on how to spend a 300 percent stock profit.

Informix has been besieged by multiple management activities ranging from possibly fraudulent to just plain stupid. Marketing has been awful. The new management team is now almost completely from Ardent, the company that Informix bought last year. Now they are splitting the company into Ardent#2 and Informix, effectively undoing the merger. I believe that this will allow Informix to regain its focus as a database company.

Informix still has a tremendous product line, and I believe that if it can focus on the line and let the marketplace know why it is so good, it'll have a chance of regaining some of its former glory.

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