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Tip of the Day
Language: ASP
Expertise: Intermediate
Jan 25, 2005

Configure IIS for Debugging ASP Pages in Interdev

In order to debug ASP pages in Visual Interdev, you need to change some some IIS settings.
  1. Open the Internet Service Manager console (using the inetmgr command on Start—>Run).
  2. Right click the Web site you plan to debug and select Properties. Make sure the Application Protection is set to Low (IIS Process).
  3. Click the Configuration tab and then click the App Debugging tab.
  4. Check ON the Debugging flags (Enable ASP Server-side Script Debugging and Enable ASP Client-side Script Debugging).
  5. Restart the IIS.
  6. In Interdev, put a breakpoint in your ASP code and click Debug|Processes. You should see a process named inetinfo.
  7. Select that process and click Attach.
  8. Now browse to the page where you added breakpoint and it should stop at the breakpoint.
Happy Debugging!
Akash Aggarwal
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