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Language: ASP.NET
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 12, 2005



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Access User Control's Variable Inside an ASPX Page

This tip provides a way to access the user control's variables inside an ASP.NET Web page.

Assume that strVar is the variable declared in the user control's code-behind file. To access the variable in the ASP.NET Web page called webform1.aspx, follow these two steps:

  1. Declare strVar as public in the user control's code.
  2. Use the Register directive to register the user control in the Web page called webform1.aspx.

<%@ Register TagPrefix="UC" TagName="MyCon" src="webusercontrol1.ascx"%>
The following shows how to instantiate the user control:

<uc:mycon id="mycon1" runat="server"></uc:mycon>
This is the actual way to access the variable:

<%= mycon1.strVar %>
Jaya Nehru Kumar
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