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Language: SQL
Expertise: Beginner
Jun 22, 2005

View the Source Code of Stored Procedures in Yukon

In SQL Server 2000, you would simply use sp_helptext to view the source code of both user-defined and system-stored procedures. But that isn't completely true in Yukon.

To view the source code of a user-defined stored procedure in Yukon, use the following code snippet:

sys.sp_helptext ProcedureName
Or you could also use the following:

sp_helptext ProcedureName
In SQL Server 2000, you'd use the following syntax to view the source code of system-stored procedures:

use master
sp_helptext sp_help
However, sp_helptext cannot be used to display the definition of system objects in Yukon. So, for system stored procedures use the following syntax:

Select object_definition (object_id ('sys.sp_helptext')) as 'Source of Sp_helptext'
Vadivel Mohanakrishnan
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