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Language: SQL
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 24, 2005



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Retrieve All the Index Names for a Given Table Using SQL Query

Use this code to retrieve all the Index names for a given table Using SQL query:

declare @tblName varchar(50);
set @tblName = 'GivenTable';
SELECT     o.name as TableName, i.name AS IndexName
FROM         sysobjects o, sysindexes i
WHERE   (o.id = i.id and o.name = @tblName) AND (i.status = 18450 OR   i.status = 2097152)
i.status = 18450 indicates a clustered index (or, primary key index) in the given table. i.status = 2097152 indicates a non-clustered index in the given table.

Note: @tblName is input parameter to the query. This query is applicable for MS SQL Server 2000.

Jaya Nehru Kumar
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