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Tip of the Day
Language: SQL
Expertise: Intermediate
Nov 29, 2006

How to Backup an SQL Server Database in a Shared Network Location

If you're running SQL Server under the Local System account, it will not have rights to backup the database on a network share. You'll need to change the SQL Server account to perform such a backup.

Here's the procedure:

  1. Stop the SQL service.
  2. Go to Start—>Run—>services.msc select MSSQLSERVER. Right click to choose 'Properties.'
  3. In the tabbed pane, choose 'LogOn.'
  4. Select 'This account.'
  5. Provide an account that has rights to access the shared network.

  6. Click 'OK.'
Restart SQL Server, and you will now be able to perform backups to any network share to which the account has sufficient permissions.

Jaya Nehru Kumar
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