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Tip of the Day
Language: VB
Expertise: Intermediate
Dec 11, 2007



Application Security Testing: An Integral Part of DevOps

An Improved szEncryptDecrypt VB6 Funtion

This is an improvement to the tip "Encrypt a String Easily." I found that the szEncryptDecrypt function in this tip did not handle unicode strings properly, but otherwise worked well. The changes in the following version should work for any string by explicitly converting each character to ASCII and back. As with the other function, this is not strong encryption, but it is fast and will dissuade 99 percent of people.

'simple encryption function obtained from www.devx.com
'written by Rob Bovey 
'updated by Scott Likely
Function szEncryptDecrypt(ByVal szData As String, ByVal salt As String, ByVal pepper As String) As String
    ''' salt is a key value can be changed to alter the 
    ''' encryption, but it must be the same for both
    ''' encryption and decryption.
    ''' pepper is optional, and may be any
    ''' value 0-64.
    ''' Likewise, it needs to be the same coming/going.

    Dim bytKey() As Byte
    Dim bytData() As Byte
    Dim lNum As Long
    Dim szKey As String
    Dim strOutput As String

    'use a default key if none given
    If Len(salt) = 0 Then salt = "123456"
    'make sure the key is as long as the text we want to encode
    For lNum = 1 To ((Len(szData) / Len(salt)) + 1)
        szKey = szKey & salt
    Next lNum
    ReDim bytKey(Len(szData)) As Byte
    ReDim bytData(Len(szData)) As Byte
    'copy the key into the key byte array
    'must do it this way to avoid unicode problems
    'make it no longer than the text we want to encode
    For lNum = 1 To Len(szData)
        bytKey(lNum) = Asc(Mid$(szKey, lNum, 1))
    Next lNum
    'copy the text we want to encode into the data byte array
    'must do it this way to avoid unicode problems
    For lNum = 1 To Len(szData)
        bytData(lNum) = Asc(Mid$(szData, lNum, 1))
    Next lNum
    strOutput = ""

    For lNum = 1 To UBound(bytData)
        If lNum Mod 2 Then
            bytData(lNum) = bytData(lNum) Xor (bytKey(lNum) + pepper)
            strOutput = strOutput & Chr(bytData(lNum))
            bytData(lNum) = bytData(lNum) Xor (bytKey(lNum) - pepper)
            strOutput = strOutput & Chr(bytData(lNum))
        End If
    Next lNum

    szEncryptDecrypt = strOutput
End Function
Scott Likely
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