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Language: .NET
Expertise: Intermediate
Sep 3, 2008

Serialize and Deserialize an Object Instance to XML

To serialize an object instance to XML, you need to use the XMLSerializer class's Serialize method. The code snippet below demonstrates:

XmlSerializer xmlSer = new XmlSerializer(objInstance.GetType());
System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder();
System.IO.StringWriter writer = new System.IO.StringWriter(sb);
xmlSer.Serialize(writer, objInstance);
XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
To deserialize the serialized XML back to an object instance, you need to use the XMLSerializer Class's DeSerialize method:

XmlNodeReader reader = new XmlNodeReader(doc.DocumentElement);
XmlSerializer xmlSer = new XmlSerializer(objType);
object obj = xmlSer .Deserialize(reader);
//Cast the object to respective type
OBJClass Obj = (OBJClass)obj;
Srinath MS
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