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Tip of the Day
Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Jan 27, 1999



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Reduce the Clutter in Your VB IDE

Here's another simple but useful add-in you can add to your arsenal. Follow the directions given in the previous tip "Add Remarks to Your Procedures," with only minor differences. Use the project name CloseWindows rather than RemBuilder. Also, change the description to "Close All IDE Windows." Finally, type a suitable caption for the menu command, such as Close IDE &Windows. Insert this code in the MenuHandler_Click procedure:
Dim win As VBIDE.Window
For Each win In VBInstance.Windows
If win Is VBInstance.ActiveWindow Then
' it's the active window, do nothing
ElseIf win.Type = vbext_wt_CodeWindow Or _
	win.Type = vbext_wt_Designer Then
' code pane or designer window
End If
When you select the add-in from the Add-Ins menu, it closes all the forms and code windows currently open, except the one you're working with.
Francesco Balena
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